Criminal Defense
in Kennewick & Olympia, WA

A Successful Defense Requires Compassion And Dedication

At the Law Office of Sarah McFadden, I offer criminal defense services to clients from throughout Washington state. At my firm, criminal law is not merely about building legal strategies and winning in the courtroom. When you choose my firm, I focus on building a strong relationship and helping you achieve success in the future — outside of the courtroom.

The attorney-client relationship as I see it requires compassion and dedication. I want you to see me as an ally who you can talk to about your hopes and your fears. I want you to feel comfortable putting your future in my hands.

Defending You Against A Wide Range Of Charges

As a criminal defense lawyer, I am prepared to handle any type of criminal charge, regardless of its severity. In fact, I have experience representing clients facing charges for a variety of felonies and misdemeanors, including:

  • Domestic violence and neglect charges
  • Driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated (DUI/DWI)
  • Drug-related crimes, including possession and distribution
  • Internet-related crimes, including identity theft and child pornography
  • Sex offenses, including statutory rape, sexual assault and sexual misconduct

Whether you turn to me for a first-time DUI charge, because you need an attorney to represent you in federal court or you need a lawyer to file an appeal, I will devote myself to your case. I will be at your side throughout the criminal proceedings, protecting your rights and working for your future.

Help For All Kinds Of Traffic Violations

When I made the decision to become a criminal law attorney, I also decided to make representing clients charged with traffic violations part of my defense practice. I handle a variety of traffic offenses and moving violations, from speeding tickets to license suspensions.

I understand the significant toll having your driver’s license revoked can take on your personal life and your professional life. I will work diligently to defend you and help you obtain the reinstatement of your full driving privileges.

Get Started On Your Case Today

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