I Believe In Winning The Tournament, Not Just The Hand

When I founded my criminal defense firm, the Law Office of Sarah McFadden, I did so because I believe that all the residents of Washington state should have opportunities to make the best of the hands they were dealt.

If you face a charge for a criminal offense, you probably feel like your arrest was the culmination of a series of events that started long ago — possibly even events that were out of your control. A large part of my job as an attorney is to help you pinpoint the origin of your current circumstances, examine the path that led you to where you are and then help you make the right decisions going forward.

By making decisions with your future in mind, you set yourself up for long-term success — instead of simply fighting a current charge.

How I Know Which Cards To Play

My job is not only guiding you toward a future in which there is no need for a criminal lawyer but also building a defense strategy that fits your situation, your needs and your goals. I have experience working on both sides of criminal cases, having spent time as a public defender and as part of the district attorney’s legal team. This experience allows me to see your case from every angle. My unique view allows me to anticipate the prosecution’s moves and build a defense designed to trump their moves.

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Let Me Start Building Your Defense Today

If you face a charge, regardless of its severity, I can build a defense strategy to fit your needs. If you would like to discuss your charge and learn how I can help you, you can call my office at 206-209-0745 or email me to schedule a free initial consultation at my law office in Olympia.

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